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Transitional Life Experience

We all go through transitional periods in our lives, when life changes dramatically. Typical transition periods occur after university, marriage, or having a child. Moving to a new location and having to start many parts of life over again can be a difficult transition period, as can divorce, or dealing with the death of someone close. The most well known and common transition period is mid-life, which is a natural process and is a normal part of maturing.


All transition periods offer us the opportunity to grow, and they can feel overwhelming. These periods sometimes evoke questions and regrets that can be hard to deal with.


Transitions can raise issues and questions about many aspects of life. Some common questions that arise during these periods are whether you made the right decisions, who are the people you want in your life, how are you going to solve problems that seem to follow you, and how to move forward in a new and unfamiliar situation. Transitions make us feel off-balance, and that is an uncomfortable feeling. Yet these situations are often the times when we grow the most.


My goal is to help you move forward in both understanding and action to create the life that you want to live. We can work together to better understand and resolve challenges in your life. If you are in a difficult situation, I provide extra support and guidance through the challenges. If you are feeling confused, or are looking for a new direction in life, I will work with you to sort out the confusion, and help you figure out new goals. I look forward to joining you on your unique life journey.

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